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family adventures begin here...

Minnie Water is an untouched haven – secluded, natural and idyllic – a reminder of a time
when we needed less ‘stuff’... and probably had more fun.
The beaches and bushland surrounds are magnificent,
and Minnie Water is a popular stop-over for adventurers on the great Yuraygir Coastal Walk.
The Park has a small village of cabins, van and camper sites in quiet, natural surroundings.
It also features an extensive bushland campground where you can enjoy a secluded bush site, open campfires and a real camping adventure – with the added comforts of clean showers, toilets and a camp kitchen.
The Park has a tennis court, a pool and, perhaps best of all, it’s pet friendly*.

Book now by calling 02 6649 7693 or

* terms and conditions apply, see our pet friendly page for more info.